Where is Mercado Ferreira Borges? How to Find Hard Club Porto Events

Now known as the Hard Club, the old Mercado Ferreira Borges is located just down Mouzinho da Silveira street, accessible by metro and bus!

What is Hard Club in Porto?

LOCATION: Rua da Bolsa 19

TRANSPORTATION ACCESS: Metro (line D), Bus 500, 901 and 906

STATUS: Open for events and meals (restaurant and bar)


Although Ferreira Borges in Porto no longer works as a market, it’s still called that by many locals. Nowadays, the building is used as an event venue (being known particularly for its concerts), called Hard Club.

Hard Club Eventos (or Events) are most famous for underground rock, metal, indie concerts and festivals – such as Post Punk Strikes Back and Amplifest. International acts such as Weyes Blood, Angel Olsen and Primal Scream have played there in the past few years. There’s usually at least one concert per week!

What Travelers Like about Ferreira Borges

Travelers find the monument pretty but not really worth a long stay, since it no longer is a real market and the food is expensive. It’s worth visiting if you know for sure there’s an event you want to attend, such as a concert or fair. Otherwise, you might as well chill on the garden outside and still see how beautiful the building is.

Where is Mercado Ferreira Borges in Porto?

Mercado Borges is located just down Mouzinho da Silveira street, next to Palácio da Bolsa and Jardim do Infante. (Be sure also to check out Jardins do Palácio de Cristal!)

Transport Access to Hard Club Events

In order to get to Hard Club Porto events from Baixa do Porto, you only need to get to S. Bento station (either by Metro, line D, or on foot) and walk down Mouzinho da Silveira street – for about 6 minutes. Alternatively, you can also take the bus (901 or 906 on Aliados or Trindade; 500 on S. Bento) and exit at the Mouzinho da Silveira stop.

When you get to Jardim do Infante (a square with grass and a big statue in the middle), the red building on your right is The Hard Club.


  • Mercado Ferreira Borges isn’t open for visits unless you’re attending an event or eating at the restaurant or bar.


Does Mercado Ferreira Borges have a restaurant?

Yes, for anyone who attends Hard Club Porto events, or even just strolling through, there is a restaurant that is open to attendants.

What is Near Mercado Ferreira Borges?

Near Ferreira Borges you can also visit Palácio da Bolsa and Jardim do Infante!

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