Are Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos Tickets Worth it? [Location, Access and Status]

Yes, Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos tickets are worth it! This is why we provide all you need to know where to schedule cheap tickets.

What is Torre de Clérigos in Porto?

LOCATION: Rua de S. Filipe de Nery

TRANSPORTATION ACCESS: Metro, line D; bus lines 200, 201, 207, 208, 301, 302, 303, 305, 501, 501, 601, 602, 703, 801, 900

STATUS: both are open for visits from 9AM to 7PM (during the Summer and some special dates, there are nighttime visits, till 11PM)


Torre dos Clérigos is Porto’s ex libris. This iconic baroque tower was designed by architect Nicolau Nasoni, and its construction was finished in 1763. It’s 76 meters (over 240 feet) high.

torre dos clérigos

It was built next to Igreja dos Clérigos (also designed by Nasoni a few decades prior). It has two pipe organs and gold leaf decorations. The organ pipes are still in use, and there’s a concert at midday every day. Even if it’s quite touristy, most locals have climbed the Tower at least once (I’ve climbed it thrice!) and enjoyed the rare view of the city.

Is the Igreja e Torre de Clérigos Worth it?

Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos in Porto

Yes, the Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos is one of the most popular place for travelers to visit during their stay in Porto. The tower is definitely worth climbing (unless you’re terribly afraid of heights or tight spaces, since the staircase is quite narrow at times), and you can see the whole city from there. The Church is just dazzling as the view.

Where is Torre de Clérigos?

Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos are located right on the center of Porto. With this in mind, you wont have too much difficulty finding it. Next to them, there’s a small park, Cordoaria, with a lake and a few statues, and Jardim das Oliveiras. It’s very close to Igreja do Carmo and Livraria Lello as well. All are a 2-minute walk away!

If you bought tickets in advance, you won’t have to wait too long!

Where Do I Buy Torre dos Clérigos Tickets?

Where to Find Torre dos Clérigos Tickets in Porto

You can buy affordable Torre dos Clérigos tickets at the official Torre dos Clérigos website. You can have direct access to their website below:

The daytime ticket costs 8€ and includes both the Tower and Museum. The nighttime ticket (only available during the Summer, Easter and Christmas) is 5€ (only Tower). Through the website, you will be directed to a calendar where you will be able to choose the time of day you would like to schedule your visit.

Choose a Time to Visit Torre dos Clérigos

Transport Access to the Clérigos Tower in Porto

The best way to get to Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos is by Metro. You should take the line D and exit at S. Bento. From there, you should head West. It’s a 5-6 minute climb, toward the Tower, which is visible from pretty much anywhere.

If you choose to take the bus, you should exit at either “Carmo” or “Cordoaria” depending on the line you’re taking and the direction you’re going. You’ll see the Tower immediately.

Is the Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos Open in 2024?

Yes, both the Church and the Tower are open for visits! At the time of writing, there’s construction on Avenida dos Aliados near Clérigos. This does not affect accessibility.

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