Is Passeio das Virtudes Porto Worth It? (Location, Transport and More)

With a beautiful view of the historical landscape, Passieo das Virtudes Porto is a must-see park with accessible transportation and entrance!

LOCATION: Passeio das Virtudes / Rua de Azevedo de Albuquerque 41

TRANSPORTATION ACCESS: Metro, line D; bus 200, 201, 207, 208, 301, 303, 305, 501, 703, 801

STATUS: Virtudes’ Park opens at 9 AM and closes at 6PM (Winter) or at 7PM (Summer); Passeio das Virtudes is always open!


Is Passeio das Virtudes Worth it?

Yes, Virtudes is a popular viewpoint and a great place to relax and watch the sunset. It has two different spaces: the viewpoint itself, which is a small garden looking over the Douro River, and the park, which was designed by José Marques Loureiro during the 19th century. The garden has several terraces that can be seen from the viewpoint.

Parque das Virtudes Porto or the Passeio?

If you have a lot of free time, or just appreciate some quiet time in nature, I strongly recommend visiting the Park. It’s never as crowded as the Passeio (which gets packed really easily during the Summer) and you get a different view. Make sure to bring a blanket if you’re planning on having a picnic, since there are hardly any tables, just small benches.

Jardim das Virtudes em Porto

Travelers like to stop at Passeio das Virtudes, since it’s a great spot for resting after a long day of visiting monuments in Porto. Here, you can sit on the grass or have a drink in one of the nearby cafés or bars while watching the sunset.

Passeio das Virtudes is particularly popular with the youth, but we don’t necessarily recommend it if you’re traveling with family, especially young children, since it’s known for being a place where people smoke a lot. If your group feels uncomfortable in this kind of environment, the Park is a great alternative.

Location and Street Access

Virtudes (both the Park and Passeio) are located close to Cordoaria, right behind the Court, in the historic center. It’s very close to another famous viewpoint, Miradouro da Vitória. If you are wondering about the street (Rua das Virtudes Porto), you can follow this map location provided below.

Although the Passeio can get a bit crowded on Summer afternoons, it’s still a public, open space, so there’s no waiting time at all. 

Transport Accessibility to Passeio das Virtudes

  • You should take line D (metro) to arrive either at S. Bento or Aliados.
  • If you exit at S. Bento, your best option is to climb Rua dos Clérigos (leading to Torre dos Clérigos) and, once you get to Cordoaria Park, head toward the Court and walk down the street on its left.
  • If, however, you prefer to avoid most of the climbing, you should take the stop at Aliados and head to a bus stop (preferably Filipa de Lencastre) and take any bus that stops there. You should exit after 2 stops, at Carmo. After that, you should cross Cordoaria garden and climb down either a big flight of stairs on the right of the Court, or walk the street on its left.
  • If you’re traveling by bus from outside the historic center, your stop will be Cordoaria.
  • Once you are behind the Court, you should see a yellow building. On its left, there’s Passeio das Virtudes. If you want to visit the Park, you should instead go right and walk until the curve of the street, where there’s an open gate.

Park and Passeio Status

Wondering what the status is of Virtudes Porto? Below are a few things to consider before making any big plans:

  • Passeio das Virtudes is open 24/7 and many people go there at night after dinner just to chat and relax a bit.
  • Virtudes’ Park is open from 9AM to either 6 or 7PM (depending on the time of year).
  • Entry is free at both.

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