Is Odete Bakery Worth it? [Full Vegan Bakery and Café Review]

Looking for an artisan vegan bakery in Porto? Check out Odete Bakery Vegan Café! It offers a large variety of vegan pastries, including a vegan version of the traditional Pastel de Nata. 

Is Odete Bakery Worth it?

Yes, Odete Bakery is worth it and definitely worth revisiting! It is a vegan artisan bakery/patisserie that first opened in 2019. There are two “sister” shops, both in Porto. It’s queer-friendly, Portuguese, and a very cozy space with great food.

Overall Satisfaction: 5/5

Company Name: Odete Bakery

Founded: 2019

Contact: +351 910 866 107

Map location: Odete Bakery – padaria artesanal & pastelaria vegan


Even though this bakery is rather small, the love people have for it isn’t. Odete Bakery has a fantastic reputation among vegan circles, who think of it almost as a second home. Travelers usually try it once and come back several times during their stay!

There’s a bit of a local community surrounding Odete as well. During 2023, Coletivo Odete hosted cultural events, including concerts, art exhibits and talks there.

Besides the vegan pastries, Odete is most famous for its sourdough bread, baked there every day.


Satisfaction: 5/5

For most tourists, brunch or a snack is completely affordable. For locals, the prices are not exactly cheap, but reasonable. For example, if you have a pastry and a beverage, you’ll be spending about 5€, compared to the typical 3 to 4€.

Overall, the prices are pretty good, especially considering the location, the fact that their food is vegan and artisanal, and its high quality.


Satisfaction: 5/5

The staff at Odete Bakery is very friendly and helpful. In my experience, they even recommend their favorites, and make an effort to get to know you, if you’re in the mood to talk.

Concerning languages spoken, even though I’m Portuguese and a native speaker, the first thing they asked me once I entered was what my preferred language was, so they are definitely prepared to communicate with and serve foreign travelers.

Location of Odete Bakery

Convenience: 4/5

There are 2 locations: one in Cedofeita (a 10 minute walk from Torre dos Clérigos and Livaria Lello), and one in Bonfim (near Campo 24 de Agosto metro station).

The Cedofeita shop is very near a lot of landmarks and places a tourist will usually visit, and the closest Metro station (Aliados) is 10 minutes away (the walk is uphill).

The Bonfim location is less than 5 minutes away from a Metro station (Campo 24 de Agosto), but there really aren’t many places to visit nearby. 

Food Quality

Satisfaction: 5/5

Odete Bakery has a lot of variety: from sourdough bread to multiple pastries and hot chocolate, there’s something for everyone, and everything tastes fantastic!

Odete Bakery Vegan Sourdough Bread

If you are vegan but want to try a Pastel de Nata (Portuguese traditional custard tart), this is your chance!

Even if you aren’t vegan, there’s something for you: I’m allergic to dairy products, so I’m always happy to find dairy-free pastries. I had my first cinnamon roll at Odete Bakery, and loved it!


Odete Bakery is definitely worth trying, and you’ll find yourself coming back for more! From the cozy atmosphere to the excellent service and food, this is The Place to try if you’re looking for a vegan café in the center of Porto.

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