Is Livraria Aberta Worth Visiting? [Full Bookshop Review]

Livraria Aberta is the best queer friendly and owned bookshop in Porto with a huge selection and close to the city center!

Overall Satisfaction: 5/5

Company Name: Livraria Aberta

Founded: 2021

Hours: 10:00-1:30pm | 2:30-7:00pm


Is Livraria Aberta Worth Visiting?

Yes, Livraria Aberta is definitely worth visiting, not only for LGBTQ+ communities but for everyone! Livraria Aberta is Porto’s first and only queer bookshop. It first opened during Pride Month back in 2021. It hosts book launch events, as well as various group readings.

The selection focuses on queer authors, both fiction and non-fiction. There’s a lot of poetry, and queer, feminist and anti-racist theory. There’s also a Children’s and YA section, as well as a shelf entirely dedicated to art books. The main shelves are organized according to language (Portuguese, Spanish, French and English) so it’s really easy to find books in a language you’re familiar with. They have a little corner that is usually dedicated to art exhibits and they sell postcards and tote bags, made by Lince, a Portuguese queer artist.

Livraria Aberta is a must visit in Porto if you’re a bookworm and want to support local businesses!

Reputation (5/5)

Livraria Aberta has a fantastic reputation, especially within LGBTQ+ and ally circles, because of its uniqueness, being the only queer-focused bookshop in the center of Porto.

Livraria Aberta literally means “open bookshop”, which completely matches the vibe of inclusivity and warmth. It has the coziest atmosphere, wonderful service and a great selection of books. For me and my friends, it’s the go-to whenever we want to buy books or attend a cultural event.

Prices (4/5)

The prices vary: there are really cheap books, and pretty rare ones too. Some of the art books can get on the pricier side of things, but you will definitely find something within your preferred price-range.

Even though it is a small business, they offer a discount for University students, which is something I never see in bigger stores.

Service (5/5)

The service is probably the best service provided in Porto! They are super friendly and offer amazing recommendations. Every birthday present I bought for my friends since I first visited the shop has been bought at Livraria Aberta. This is because the owners Paulo and Ricardo have the best recommendations. You hit them with three keywords, and they’ll suggest like 6 books, which all fit the vibe perfectly.

They are very friendly and helpful and know their catalogue back and forth. Even if they don’t have the book you’re looking for, they’ll order it right away or help you figure out where else to look for it.

Location (4/5)

Livraria Aberta is located 2 minutes away from Faria Guimarães (metro station), near Igreja da Lapa and Praça da República, a small park in the center of Porto. The address is Rua do Paraíso 299.

Livraria Aberta is Close to Faria Guimarães Metro do Porto

In terms of distance, it’s close to the city’s main attractions. However, if you spend most of your time visiting monuments such as Ponte D. Luís, Mercado do Bolhão, Capela das Almas, or Sé do Porto, it would be best to take the Metro since the walk is uphill.

If, however, you’re near Torre dos Clérigos, Cordoaria or Carmo, the walk might be worth it, since you most likely would take Rua dos Mártires da Liberdade, a street that is filled with vintage stores, and even some nice brunch places!

Ambience/Atmosphere (5/5)

The atmosphere is quite charming. Since it’s a rather small shop, it feels very cozy and really carefully organized. Sometimes, there’s soft music playing and everyone is really nice. It’s also a quiet place, perfect for looking for your next favorite book after spending a busy day in the city!

The bookshop also feels like the heart of a community: people gather weekly for group readings and the neighborhood kids often visit to browse through their favorite illustrated books.

Should I Visit Livraria Aberta?

Livraria Aberta is definitely worth visiting. Not only is the selection phenomenal, but also the space is lovely and it’s an amazing opportunity to get to know the city like a local. Make sure to drop by and ask for recommendations!

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