Perspective of an Expat Living in Portugal [1 Year Later]

After living in Portugal for 1 year, my perspective on how life should be will be changed forever.

Since I have moved to Portugal from the US, my way of thinking, dialect, and overall perspective has changed in so many ways. I wanted to dig deeper into this subject, and really bring to light some things that has changed about me. This might even have you rethink how you view life, and bring you to a similar opinion.

Not Everyone has Money, and its Actually Okay

Not everyone has money, nor do they get paid to save very much, either. It has been a growing issue in todays society that your partner is your competition, or you have to buy a house before your friend does.. or whatever.

I have personally always had this issue since I was the youngest in my family. So much to the point I decided I wanted a humble lifestyle, as I have been surrounded by dirty rich people my whole life. Moving away from the constant spending, overpriced food, cars, bills, etc… has really helped me see that all of it is just a scheme to make you think “I need more to be happy”.

But why is it okay to not be always chasing the next best thing? What’s wrong with only wanting the best? Well, this is where you should ask yourself; what is “the best”? Sometimes, its not always what is most expensive or popular.

After letting go of all of my “things” in the USA, I learned that it wasn’t the money or how expensive it was to own the them; it was the good memories and hard work that went into these things.

At the end of the day, you dont need to have the best or all the money, only what gives you peace, and good memories.

Its not Impossible | Perspective of an Expat

I always thought moving to Europe was impossible, on top of that learning another language. My mind was so limited to the point I couldn’t even see myself in the place I am now. Now that I am where I dreamed of, it feels foreign and like a dream.

I talk with old friends from the US, and I see that same limitation being revealed to me over and over again. Its something that now makes me really bothered, because it only shows how trapped they are mentally. Imagine if they really involved themself in a language, saving, travelling, imagine the richness of life they would see beyond the walls of the US.

That is why I have opened up possibility to help using this blog, social media, or anything I can to reach those who want to change. Talking to someone who has the same vision as you is extremely important, and limit your time with others who bring you down from your goals.

Safety is not Violence | Perspective from an Expat

Yeah this one will turn away viewers, although I will remain firm with this fact. After moving to Portugal, I learned that they do not allow weapons, and if you want one, it is a very extensive process. Because of this, no one around you has a weapon, and neither do you.

The US has put a paranoia in the eyes of many of their citizens due to gun laws. In fact, many Europeans are actually afraid to go to the US because of the rising problems with gun violence.

I will say from my perspective, that being surrounded by hundreds of people in another country, with no chance they are carrying a gun in their pants, is a feeling of great relief, and peace.

I feel peace knowing that I can go to events, bars, restaurants, and hotels without a sweat. I can walk everywhere, and not feel any kind of paranoia. Its weird to not be carrying a knife or a stun gun, but it is also a sense of freedom.

Cooking is not a Talent When Living in Portugal

Surprise! Yes, cooking is not a talent. You take four ingredients, cut them all in different ways, and warm them up in different ways. You want to know how fast food is fast? Because its easy. Cooking is easy.

Cooking is something that can be learned, rather easily as well if you make the time for it. In the US, I was intimidated by the long form articles describing how to cook pasta or some exotic dish that never goes well.

When I moved to Europe, I learned so many great warm meals and they only required three or four steps. It was lifechanging as I had fresh food, and easy steps to follow, but I could save and make cooking a huge part of my life. Along with cheap quality wine

Speaking Up is Better | Expat Living in Portugal

I used to never speak up when someone made me upset, I would simply ignore them or ghost. As I have been ghosted by maybe 20+ people in the past 3 years, I realized how important speaking up and communicating is so important.

After one year being an expat in Portugal, I have learned that being blunt, honest, and real is so much better than ignoring your feelings. Not only will your honesty provide you with real friendships, but it will remove the ones that were only using you for your silence.

Although this has been a struggle, I have learned so many in-depth differences about living in Portugal, and how it has changed my life for the better.

Charlee Anthony

Self-taught SEO and research enthusiast, I am an alien in all countries and a friend of many. I have been travelling all my life (25 years), however Portugal is my new forever home. As I fully delve into Portuguese culture, I also share my tips and tricks on how to live comfortably in a new country.

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