9 Best Port Wines Travelers Get for Cheap [Review]

From Port Wine to Vinho Branco, I have tried some of the best wine in Porto that are cheap, tasty, and great for casual or formal dining.

Best Cheap Wine from Porto

As I have been living as an expat in Portugal, I have found some of the best wines! Since we all know budget is really important, especially when travelling, I have collected some of the cheapest, greatest, wines from Porto to make sure you enjoy every minute!

White Wine | Port Wines

cheap wines in porto vinho branco

White Wine is one of the most addictive wines for me. Not only does it offer a great balance of sweet and tangy, but it also offers a light option to pair with salads, pasta, or just winding down after a long day.


TYPE: White Wine


VARIETIES: Fernão Pires |Chardonnay |Sauvignon Blanc


PRICE: 3.50-6.00€

Casaleiro is a new wine for me, although it was surprisingly amazing for what I paid for it. On sale for about 3.50€, I found this wine easy to drink, with a slight hint of bitter but immediately the sweetness of the wine hits the tongue. I really enjoyed this wine with pasta salad and for its price, you can set yourself up with a very nice white wine.

Ferreira Branco

TYPE: White Wine


VARIETIES: Códega | Gouveio | Malvasia Fina | Rabigato

VOLUME: 19.5%

PRICE: 4.50-6.50€

Ferreira Branco was one of my first Port Wines when I moved to Portugal from the US, and I have to say I fell in love with it. Keep in mind this is a really strong wine, and should be chilled and mixed with tonic before serving. Occasionally, adding ice and a lemon peel is a great way to fully enjoy this fantastic wine.

Casal Garcia | Vinho Verde

TYPE: White Wine, Vinho Verde (Green Wine)


VARIETIES: Trajadura, Loureiro, Arinto and Fernão Pires

VOLUME: 9.5%

PRICE: 1.50-3.50€

Casal Garcia is a famous green wine, but also falls within the family of the white wine category. Surprisingly, I have found this wine in my explorations across the USA which was a very nice treat as I would deeply miss the taste of Porto Wines. If you ever find yourself seeing a bottle of this, be sure to try it!

Red Wine | Port Wines

port wines in porto (red wine)

Red Wine can fall into two major categories in Port Wines, of which you will notice are Tawny and Ruby. Tawny is typically lighter, fruity, and nice with a dinner. Ruby is better as a desert wine, as it is typically bold, dark, and full-bodied.

Ferreira Tawny | Best of all Port Wines

TYPE: Tawny


VARIETIES: Touriga Franca |Touriga Nacional|Tinta Barroca | Tinto Cão | Tinta Roriz | Tinta Amarela

VOLUME: 19.5%

PRICE: 4.50-6.50€

Ferreira is a winner for me, as they produce some of the best affordable wine options in Porto without skipping on taste and value. Tawny is an everyday wine for many Portuguese wine drinkers, and has quickly became mine as well! Enjoy this tawny with cheese, bread, or a complete meal of any kind.


TYPE: Tawny




PRICE: €5-€7.00

Dalva was a tawny that I absolutely enjoyed. Although not as favored as the Ferreira Tawny due to its higher price, Dalva is an excellent wine to pair with heavy meals, or pasta. I would recommend this tawny highly as one of the best cheap Porto wines I have ever tasted.

Offley Ruby

TYPE: Porto Ruby


VARIETIES: Touriga Franca,Tinta Roriz,Tinta Amarela,Tinto Cão

VOLUME: 19.5%

PRICE: 4.50-6.50€

Offley has been my absolute favorite ruby wine in Porto. Offley Ruby provides not only a full-bodied experience, but also gives you a hint of dark fruits which pairs great with chocolate deserts of your choice. I highly recommend this wine for your romantic night out, or going for a few great bars!

Rosé | Port Wines

rose port wines porto

Rosé is an important wine that seems to surpass most wine drinkers. Although for me personally, I absolutely love a great Rosé if I can find one! Although they may not be originally from Porto, these are the best cheap Rosé wines I have discovered in Porto.


TYPE: Rosé | Rosa

REGION: National

VARIETIES: Baga | Rufete | Tinta Barroca | Touriga Franca


PRICE: 3.50-7.50€

Mateus is practically found anywhere in Portugal (although sometimes rare in Azores and Madeira). I have purchased this wine multiple times, not only for its amazing price, but for how well it is paired with so many different foods. It is a very light, fresh, intensely young wine that instantly became one of my favorite cheap wines in Porto.


TYPE: Rosé


VARIETIES: Syrah | Castelão

VOLUME: 10.5%

PRICE: 1.50-3.00€

Leziria is a cheap, fruity Rosé that is a great option if you are trying to find something affordable, fast, and tasty. Although, keep in mind Leziria is a very sweet Rosé, keeping to its fruitful roots and lighter taste. For me, I really enjoy this wine with a group of friends or as an occasional drink when I am on a budget.

Casal Mendes

TYPE: Rosé

REGION: Vinho Verde


VOLUME: 10.5%

PRICE: 4.95€

Casal Mendes is the Rosé I am newest to, although it is by far one of my most favorite cheap wines in Porto. With a fruity presence of pineapple and banana, this rosé is definitely one of the most interesting wines from Porto.

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