5 Best Bars in Porto that are LGBTQ+ Inclusive [Reviewed]

From Pride Bare to Bar of Soap, this review of best bars in Porto are LGBT inclusive with great beverages and amazing drag shows!

Bar of Soap | Best Drag Shows

Location: R. do Bolhão 132, 4000-111 Porto

Hours: Weekday (4pm-Midnight) Weekend (4pm-2am)

Features: Live Music, Cocktails, Drag Shows, Dancing, Bar

From drag shows to colorful beverages, Bar of Soap is a must see experience for not only the community but also anyone who enjoys a fun clubbing atmosphere. If you are looking for an all inclusive bar, this one is definitely for you!

bar of soap porto

Many community friends have mentioned the bar to be LGBT friendly, and full of lively music and games. Along with some killer cocktails, this is one of the best bars in Porto for only the best drag shows experiences.

L’UOMO Bar Porto | Best Gay Club Hours

Location: R. do Bolhão N° 37 R/C, 4000-111 Porto

Hours: Tuesday-Thursday (8pm-4am), Weekend (24 hours)

Features: Lounge, Live Music, Cocktails, 24 hours, Dancing, Special Guest DJs

L’UOMO bar is a fantastic place for gay and lesbians alike, providing a lively and friendly environment. This bar is known for its youthful and modern look, becoming a rising popularity among gay clubs.

luomo bar porto

Keep in mind this bar does include loud live music, lights, and fog. However, you can find some amazing cocktails with amazing opening hours. You cannot beat the 24 hours all weekend!

Cafe Lusitano | Best Ambience for Porto Bar

Location: R. de José Falcão 137, 4050-215 Porto

Hours: Thursday-Saturday (8pm-4am)

Features: Disco, Restaurant, Drag Shows, Cocktails, Tables

Lusitano is very well known being located in the center of Porto, with elegant, historical Porto vibes. Although on the pricey side, you can expect a variety of drag shows, cocktails, and meal options.

cafe lusitano porto

Lusitano is more than just a bar in Porto, it is also a sit-down restaurant with fantastic dinner options including vegetarian dishes. However, in my opinion the dishes offered may not be completely filling. So come to this bar ready for a light meal.

Invictus Cafe Bar | Most Convenient

Location: Rua da Conceição 80 loja 8/9, 4050-213 Porto

Hours: Closed Mondays – Weekday (10:30pm-4am) Weekend (10:30pm-4am)

Features: Drag Show, Cafe Bar, Dancing, Live Music

Invictus is really for the all-nighters who want to have a full experience of the night life in Porto. This is one of the best bars in Porto with a friendly community, openly related to the gay clubs scene.

gay bar porto

Invictus offers not only great beverages, but also coffee for those who are not looking to getting onto the dance floor for the first hour or two. With a great selection of drinks, this is definitely one of the best bars in Porto to include all kinds of friends into the night life experience.

Pride Bar Porto | Best Overall Gay Club

Location: R. do Bonjardim 1121, 4000-307 Porto

Hours: Weekends (midnight-6am)

Features: Bar, Dancing, Live Music, Shows

Pride bar, although only open during the weekend, calls for many great experiences in the most lively, nightlife type of way. This bar is not only open for fantastic beverages, but also offers coffee for those who need to go for an early morning.

pride bar porto

Pride Bar hosts many great shows, including special guests for live events. This is one of the most inclusive gay clubs in Porto, making it a must to go for the night life experience.

Whether you are a traveler or moving to Porto, these are a must to experience!

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