About Charlee

Charlee Travels is a central hub by an expat for expats or potential expats who are exploring the country or looking for a way to embrace Portuguese culture. My focus is to include the LGBTQ expat community as the center of my vision, to guarantee a safe space for everyone.

As an Expat in Portugal…

I have learned how to not only be a great partner, but also how to successfully navigate through a new country while also being in the LGBTQ community. With this, I want to help other like-minded individuals enjoy Portugal as much as I am. 

My Journey…

I started as a pretty average US Citizen, having a 2 year long distance relationship with my now married Partner, Felix. Felix and I have gone through hell and back moving mountains to make our dream world our reality.

During my move, I learned Portuguese, sold all of my things, and learned everything I could about the Portuguese culture.

Now that I live in Portugal, my partner and I have decided to make the best of it, and to help other like-minded couples (or individuals) find success in their dream travels.

From here, I have met many other travelers and locals whom I invite to be guest writers in the blog. I want everyone to experience something unique, and not something you see everyday on the internet. My goal is not only to provide fun info about moving countries, but also to give more in-depth reviews on our experiences in Portugal!

The Team…

Along with my writings you will also come across many reviews and great guides written by locals from Portugal. This will ensure you have all the information you need to know that maybe even I couldn’t cover immediately!

Charlee Anthony

I am the Founder of Charlee Travels and I cover the SEO and overall Content Management. Although I have only had 3 years of SEO experience, I have always had a passion for travelling and providing real information to my friends across the world. I feel like it is my destiny to share to others the reality of living abroad, with no filters.

Even though the majority of my work is in Gaming and Technology, travelling has quickly became my third most favorited topic in my freelancing career. From Hawaii to Spain, I knew one day I could help others learn how to fly and experience the beauties of other cultures. So here I am, I hope you enjoy the ride!

Sofia Raquel

Sofia is my right hand when it comes to not only providing information, but ensuring the information is LGBTQ friendly, and is closely related to the local perspectives in Porto. Sofia a big nerd, tea drinker, and a plushie friend.

Sofia is currently finishing her Master’s in Linguistics while her thesis dwells on Portuguese’s grammatical gender. She is absolutely passionate about piano, fantasy fantasy literature, poetry, and indie folk music.

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